Newest Balayage Hair Extensions – Hottest in the Market


Hair extensions are the best kept secret to every women. But what happens when the extensions are  not blending or the colors don’t quite match, or the wind blows….. How embarrassing! To create that perfect seamless blend the colors need to match perfectly with a gradual blend from darkness to  lightness. So unless you are platinum blond near the roots of your hair, you should never have that bright of color  through the roots of your extensions. A gradual blend is how naturally sun kissed hair looks and thats our goal at RGH.  Thanks to Companies like Hot heads, They offer color melts and rooted color, to create that perfect Balayage look or slight root depth  so your best kept secret stays at the HAIRDRESSER!  We have so many color blends in stock at both salon locations  in Orlando and Grand Cayman, and every imaginal color to try on your hair for a custom match. If we don’t have your exact colors in stock that can order if not in stock in just 48 hours!


Sombre – soft ombré

Sombre is a softer version of ombre. It is very subtle and fashionable look, loved by many celebrities. Sombre goes well with all variations of hair textures. 

A great look to blend out old highlights or change up your look. Great for woman who like lo maintenance hair, but still want to keep up with trends. Can vary in colours and tones from blonde to caramel to dark browns, warmer and cooler tones to become more personalised for each client and there lifestyle.! 

Also a great look as it’s so easy to change up the color on the mid way mark, toning is key to this look and as toners fade you will have a few different stages to the color,which I personally love! Depending on debts and warmth you can be more copper one week and more caramel the next and as for brighter tones more Icy one week  and more golden the next 

So here’s one we did at rockgorgeous 

So you can see the color is more blended and even with multi tones to add dimention.! 

Most important was a detaild consultation, of what the client wanted to achieve with her new style, we looked though images and setteled on one.! Imagery is a great way to distuingush exactly what the client is looking to achieve 

Technique : I chose a base color to suite her  complection using nothing permentant as she is open to change in the future.! I applied base color first and then using free hand painting technique smudging each section with a fine weave using foil to separate each section for a cleaner lift.! 

Once color was applied I let sit for 30 mins with no heat.! 

After development time the color was rinced using oribe moisture and control shampoo and conditioner to keep hair moisturised after Color 

And now its glaze time the most important step.! I glazed at the section so I could see exactly where we wer at and where we wanted to go.! 

Once I knew this I the applied my glaze using redkin shades 7nb from roots to ends leaving sit for 10 mins in total.! And repeat process at sink shampooing and condition.! 

Cut and blow was the last process we did a one length baseline to maintain a strong perimeter and soften through with some textures layering to give movement.! Applying some unite beach day for the blowdry I used x2 medium sized brushes using twisting technique and finished using unite argon oil for shine 

Color technique done by RGH Stylist Amanda/ Cayman Islands location

Miss Universe

Current Miss Universe  visited our Beautiful Cayman Islands. Stylist Kellie and Francis Omar and Makeup Artist Kadian, followed her around for 4 days of events and outfit changes. Such a pleasure to work with the one and only “Miss Universe”

pia and Omar

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