Kellie | Owner & Extensions Specialist

Kellie is the Co-founder and Creator of Rock Gorgeous Hair. With a degree in Business, backround in design and paired with Vidal sassoon, TIGI colorist trained, and 6 different Hair extension companies she excels and thrives to take everything she touches to the highest levels.

Kellie’s passion for hair comes from a love of fashion, travel and cultural diversity. Her Biggest achievements and ultimate passion is working on sets of Tv shows, Fashion shows, photo shoots and movies. Her favorite part about her profession is giving women longer thicker, lush hair that they’ve always dreamed of. If its hair restoration pre or post cancer, thinning hair, or just the vanity that women have to have the very best- this is her speciality! That said, it should come as no surprise that 90% of Kellie’s clients see her for some sort of hair extension service and visits between 3 locations. Cayman, Orlando, and Austin.

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