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Kirsten Stewart inspiration

Hi Guys! 

So today  Amanda is going to walk us through a complex transformation. Many of you love to bring in a photo and say
“Make me look like this please”. As wonderful as photos are great and part of communication between you and your stylist, You have to  remember not every color or technique is right or even possible for everyone. With careful steps, planning, and a budget transformations can be possible. 

Amanda’s Loveley client Christine brought in  The inspiration pic is our lovely Kirsten Stewart. 

Kirsten-inspiration pic

you can see  what the  process would be to turn into this platinum bombshell from a dark base.  

Ok so as we all know by now (I hope) this look is not easily achievable, the hair must be assessed in condition, length and lifestyle to begin as pre-lightning hair can be strenuous on the  condition.  Lucky for this client  she had a lot of virgin hair to work with and was ok with cutting the length up for a restyle.

 Amanda alway’s prepare’s  her  client that they  may not be able to achieve this on the first attempt as you never know exactly the  hair history and chemistry of each individuals hair.  This is not a service to be rushed by any means it take time and is not achievable for every client first attempt!

Step one:    pre lightened hair starting on virgin hair then applying with olaplex to ends 

Step two: rinse carefully and then Olaplex no 2 applied them rough dried and then step 1 is  applied again to achieve the right undertone for a cool color 

Step three : toning with the correct target shade  which is Applied when step 2 is rinsed and treated 

Then cut and styled 

The after care is one of the most important aspects to keep this look, and not alwasy easy. There are options and you should combine and consider before going this color .

1: regular treatments and conditioning in or out of salon ex:  Olaplex number 2 in salon or no 3 take home treatment or any other regular salon treatment 

2: regular toning to keep the icy\ blond tone in salon as an addition to treatment and also a blond/ silver/ blue shampoo/ conditioner is a must for home care 

3: regular and careful root touch up every 4-6 weeks to maintain color and condition for hair 

4: regular hair cuts also a must along with the other most commen e.g. Heat heavy brushing tight elastics 

This look is one of the top trend right know  very edgy brave and fun! #blondshavemorefun 

Everyone should be blonde at least once go for it.!! there are many types of blonde to achieve if platinum isn’t for you., our stylists at rockgorgeous are always there to guide you in the right direction.! 

before :after christine