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Newest Balayage Hair Extensions – Hottest in the Market


Hair extensions are the best kept secret to every women. But what happens when the extensions are  not blending or the colors don’t quite match, or the wind blows….. How embarrassing! To create that perfect seamless blend the colors need to match perfectly with a gradual blend from darkness to  lightness. So unless you are platinum blond near the roots of your hair, you should never have that bright of color  through the roots of your extensions. A gradual blend is how naturally sun kissed hair looks and thats our goal at RGH.  Thanks to Companies like Hot heads, They offer color melts and rooted color, to create that perfect Balayage look or slight root depth  so your best kept secret stays at the HAIRDRESSER!  We have so many color blends in stock at both salon locations  in Orlando and Grand Cayman, and every imaginal color to try on your hair for a custom match. If we don’t have your exact colors in stock that can order if not in stock in just 48 hours!